It’s a new year!

Each new year the inner nerd in me loves to get a diary and go beserk! Starting with days important to me and my family, followed by holidays (yay!) and other important dates. I then love going through the diary and sticking little pictures and notes in it as a little surprise when I turn over to that week (lame yes I know :)). This year is NO exception. I was very lucky to get a gorgeous planner from hubby which I am searching high and low for cute little bits and pieces for but I am still using my good old A5 diary for work purposes.

While searching for cute little pictures to add to my diary this year I came across Tina and her blog, she has the cutest little printable for you and your significant other. I have included a link to the printable here: MissTina Template.


My First Post

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

Welcome to My Best Life! I am thrilled to be sharing my journey with you and to be picking up hints and tips from you too!

As we enter 2017 my mantra is keep it simple, this is easily done with a little bit of organisation isn’t it?? 🙂

Wishing you, dear reader, the most wonderful 2017. May you achieve all of your dreams and overcome your challenges throughout this year.

With love,