Having a toddler means having no sleep. They go hand in hand better than most things! In this state of no sleep I have searched all over looking for something to make me laugh a bit πŸ™‚


More about food…

I know it might sound like it but I promise you I am NOT obsessed by food (said my waistband never!). We are talking about peanuts food. After our very successful introduction of butternut and apple to my little gangsta I decided that I wanted him to taste much of what this exciting world had to offer. We moved on to things like squash (all the types), marrows (all the types), all the fruits I could safely puree or steam and puree and pop in the freezer.

To include a bit of protein to his diet at like 7 months I started adding lentils to his diet, once again all blitzed up, I was having no choking on my watch! I found red lentils ended up a finer consistency than any other type when pureed which was great as he hated texture! I also included things like broad beans etc. to his diet.

At about 8/9 months (I really cannot remember, I wasn’t the awesome mom who noted everything down sadly!) we decided this boy needed more protein and introduced meat to his diet. I started with chicken and some mashed up fish, again cooked and then pureed (the chicken) and mashed (the fish). Not very appetising for an adult but strangely this kid loved it!

When we decided to include meat to peanuts diet I also decided to start combining flavours so that he got used to eating different things at the same time and not just a mush of butternut for example. We started with two flavours, then increased this up to four flavours over a two month period. Rather than mush everything together and freeze it like that I froze it all seperately, packed his little lunch box and sent it off to school like that. This way I learnt which combinations he didnt like without Β having a freexer full of it but also it gave me more freedom to create new combinations. Yummy!!

Some of the combinations we tried are below, trust me, there was loads of them! I really wish I could remember it all πŸ™‚

  • Apple, chicken and peas
  • Pumpkin, lentils and pear
  • Squash, Mince and Marrow
  • Butter Beans, Papaya and Lentils
  • Peas, lentils and Chick Pea

I will think of a few more combos and add to the list. Just keep in mind you don’t want to food too dry as it is a choking risk. For this reason we would include things like cucumber, marrow and fruits like apple and pear to make the food a bit more puree like πŸ™‚

Let me know if you need any more suggestions!



Let’s talk solids

Being a first-time mom is terrifying, being told you have to feed your adorable little person solids at 4-months is even more terrifying! My dream during my pregnancy was to ensure that peanut ate foods that were home made, wholesome but even more so that he had a wide food base. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! In steps slightly panicked mom (insert cute baby wondering what mom is panicking about) and begins the journey into solids.

On peanuts 4-month ‘monthday’ he sat down and had a delicious spread of homemade butternut, a whole 4 spoonfuls! Easy enough, steam the butternut, puree it (I did this hot as it retained more liquid then), set aside to cool, gather nerves and hit it.

And boy, was it a hit!


We continued the butternut journey for three days to ensure baby had no issues with the butternut, trying to increase his spoonfuls ever so slightly and then moved on to delicious juicy pear. He was getting the hang of it, an so was I!

Just remember, slowly does it when starting the solids journey, and that you are probably panicking for nothing. They’ve got this! πŸ™‚