Let’s talk solids

Being a first-time mom is terrifying, being told you have to feed your adorable little person solids at 4-months is even more terrifying! My dream during my pregnancy was to ensure that peanut ate foods that were home made, wholesome but even more so that he had a wide food base. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! In steps slightly panicked mom (insert cute baby wondering what mom is panicking about) and begins the journey into solids.

On peanuts 4-month ‘monthday’ he sat down and had a delicious spread of homemade butternut, a whole 4 spoonfuls! Easy enough, steam the butternut, puree it (I did this hot as it retained more liquid then), set aside to cool, gather nerves and hit it.

And boy, was it a hit!


We continued the butternut journey for three days to ensure baby had no issues with the butternut, trying to increase his spoonfuls ever so slightly and then moved on to delicious juicy pear. He was getting the hang of it, an so was I!

Just remember, slowly does it when starting the solids journey, and that you are probably panicking for nothing. They’ve got this! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Let’s talk solids”

  1. I wish I had your courage to try the homemade route of weaning but I panicked and went out and spent loads of money on pots, jars and pouches!

    I panic making my husband dinner and I couldn’t deal with the anxiety of giving my son food poisoning (I mess up eggs and potatoes!)

    Do you have a set routine you are going to try? Like butternut for a week then another vegetable? Or mix and match the days? X


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Haha I really wanted to try this and get it right, it was my challenge to myself, especially seeings I wasn’t able to BF baby for long due to some complications. I promise you it isn’t that bad 🙂

      I did have a routine, I estimated that if I let him try something fr 3/4 days and he didn’t show a reaction to it that he would be fine. Well I hoped like mad he was! 🙂 Once we had been through the basic food groups I got a bit more creative mixing things up a bit and then he would eat something different every day for lunch and dinner. I really didn’t want him getting bored eating the same thing day in and day out.

      It really is time consuming and can be frustrating but in the end I loved it! He is 16 months now and he is a giant of a baby! 🙂

      How old is your little one?

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